sexta-feira, 4 de outubro de 2013

Um pouco de Hermeto Pascoal - Bebê, por Marco Castillo

Show Discovering Brazil at the Park Theatre Oct 2012.
Celebrating the Canadian Music Award WCMA World recording of the year "Trip to Brazil"
Song Bebê written by Hermeto Pascoal

Featuring :
Neil Watson - Sax
Will Bonness - Keyboard
Gilles Fournier - Bass
Curtis Nowosad - Drums
Scott Señor - Percussion
Marco Castillo - Guitar / Vocals

Special thanks to:
Sheila Castillo - Filming
Adam Young - Sound
Brent Alvarez - Lighting
Manitoba Arts and Council.
My students, family, friends and all the supporters.
Editing by Marco Castillo

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Thank you!
Marco Castillo

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